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April 2014 Meeting Updates

Swiss student presentation: AfHB is making a presentation to a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, who are researching “Entrepreneurship: Where do Innovation and humanity come together?” The… Continue reading

September Meeting updates

ABx 2013 : We built a bamboo dome at ABx last year, and gave presentations inside it. Designing it and putting it together was a lot of fun, as was putting together the… Continue reading

Project Recap : Phuleli schoolhouse

AfHBoston worked with Edge of Seven on a two-room schoolhouse in Phuleli. The site was in a remote location in rural Nepal, on the foothills of the Himalayas. The site was inaccessible by road, the… Continue reading

August Meeting Updates

Here are the updates from the monthly meeting on August 8, 2013. ABx 2013 : John updated the group on some new ideas for the structure at ABx 2013. We are still exploring… Continue reading

July Meeting Updates

Project updates from the AfHB general meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2013. Food for Free : We were approached by this Cambridge non-profit that rescues fresh food that is likely to go waste… Continue reading

Kipsongo Housing Project

The team’s collaborative project page for the Kipsongo Housing Project is at the Open Architecture Network. Current housing in Kipsongo, built from trash The Kipsongo Housing Project is an initiative by the Ambassadors for Sustained… Continue reading

Project Refuge

We are actively working on projects in two different areas of Nepal. Orphanage in Tikapur Over the last couple of years, we have designed bunk beds for a small orphanage in Tikapur. The… Continue reading