When the Swiss come visiting ….

A group of students from  University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland visited Boston and the BSA HQ to listen to a presentation about Architecture for Humanity Boston and our various projects and initiatives.

21 students and 2 professors were on a study tour to learn more about the topic : “Entrepreneurship: Where do innovation and humanity come together?” .
MIke McHugh started out with an introduction to our group and the work we do. Amelia talked about some of the projects we have been working on and a more in-depth presentation of the Sepali project an entrepreneurial venture  to help solve humanitarian and ecological problems through innovation.


The talk was followed by a Q and A session, where the audience had some interesting questions about working in far away places and fundraising.
A discussion ensued about the challenges involved with fundraising for our projects and whose responsibility that is. Although we are not necessarily responsible for fundraising, the designer is invested in the project enough that they want to see it built.
We also talked about working in resource-limited areas and unfamiliar cultures.

A few photo-ops and the group was off to find a place to eat dinner and explore Boston. We enjoyed sharing our work with them !