September Meeting updates

AfHB Booth at ABx 2012

AfHB Booth at ABx 2012

ABx 2013 : We built a bamboo dome at ABx last year, and gave presentations inside it. Designing it and putting it together was a lot of fun, as was putting together the presentation boards, models, drawings and everything else that goes into pulling an exhibition booth together entails. We will do it all over again this year, with a slight difference. AfHB will have 2 presentations : one an introduction to Architecture or Humanity , and another one that qualified for HSW credits : building and construction technology that we have used in developing countries.  More information here.
We will also have a display of the natural silk fabric that Sepali Madagascar is developing and an exhibit on how it is being used. All proceeds will go towards funding the Sepali training and research center in Madagascar.
Volunteers are invited to sign up to help staff the booth, help with setup and tear down and other miscellaneous tasks at the booth. It is a great opportunity to network and learn more about the cool projects happening around the world.

AfHB 5k : The AfHB 5k is approaching fast : October 20th ! The venue is Danehy park in Cambridge, time is 9.30 AM.
Registration begins at 8 AM, and we need volunteers to help with getting the word out, contacting sponsors, helping man the registration desk, various tasks during the race , cleaning up after the race and various other tasks.

Renovate for Recovery : The project to provide renovation services to the Boston marathon victims with the City of Boston is progressing. The team has met with the client and are drawing up schematic drawings of the proposed renovation.

Plateau Central Vocational School, Haiti : Ryan, the project manager just returned from an eventful trip to Haiti recently. The new site, which is 2 hours NE of Port Au Prince , is a 3-acre piece of land that is just outside the main town. He came back with contacts and a lot of documentation that will inform the next steps of the project. Now that we have this information, the next steps are to modify the design to accommodate the new site conditions and prepare marketing materials. We have also established contact with the AfH field office in haiti, which looks to be a great resource for us. The team is looking for volunteers for the next stages.

SEPALI textile center, Madagascar : We recently met with the client who talked to us about the design and gave us valuable feedback. We are working on the incorporating these changes into the design and the exhibition at ABx.

Project Refuge : All eyes and hands are now on the 5k run !