Project Recap : Phuleli schoolhouse

Phuleli schoolhouse site

AfHBoston worked with Edge of Seven on a two-room schoolhouse in Phuleli. The site was in a remote location in rural Nepal, on the foothills of the Himalayas. The site was inaccessible by road, the nearest airport being a 10-hour WALK ! Combined with the climatic conditions, this was a pretty challenging site to work in.

AfH National was working with Edge of Seven to build schools in different parts of Nepal and wanted the various chapters that were involved to research different building materials. The materials assigned to us was stone, and we started looking at Gabion Walls : a building material which is essentially a cage of stone.

Dominus Winery, Herzog de Muron

Dominus Winery, Herzog de Muron

After months of research, understanding and a lot of intensive brainstorming sessions, we had a design charette : each of the members of the group would come up with a design scheme and a presentation board. We compiled all of this information into a book format.

The second stage of this project involved compiling all the great ideas into a couple of design schemes that fit the requirements and our understanding of the site. We were, until then working off google maps and google earth images and understood that reality could be completely different from what we understood it to be.

There was an Architecture for Humanity Design fellow who was in Nepal to supervise the construction of all these schoolhouse builidings. He went to Nepal armed with all of our drawings and details and would be the ultimate decision maker on this.

What happened on the ground is an interesting story, for the next blog post.
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